DanceFest LES 2017
June 3 (Sat) & 4 (Sun)
El Jardin del Paraiso

Two days in a Garden! 3pm- 8pm, free music, dance workshops & performances celebrating Culture on the Lower East Side.

DanceFest LES 2017
June 3 (Sat) & 4 (Sun)
El Jardin del Paraiso

Two days in a Garden! 3pm- 8pm, free music, dance workshops & performances celebrating Culture on the Lower East Side.

Avenue C Studio Group


We care about the life of the LES Cultural Community

Avenue C Studio Group is a collective of dance and arts enthusiasts - choreographers, dancers, educators and organizers connected and committed to the Lower East Side.  Founding members: Martha Tornay, Ayo Harrington, Bonnie Sue Stein and Catherine Peila.


DanceFest LES 2017 made of Rising & Shooting Stars

3-4pm - LES Musicians

4-5pm - Dance Workshops for all! 

5-6pm - Local Youth Groups Perform 

6:30-8pm - Companies take the Stage 

+ Dancing at Dusk, everyone welcome!


An LES world vision in El Jardin del Paraiso

Enjoy music, workshops and performances, get to know us, sit under the willow tree, walk on the grass, smell the medicinal garden herbs and so much more. Come enjoy our LES community experience at one of the LES' largest community gardens.

DanceFest LES Schedule

Saturday, June 3rd Live Music & Workshops

3pm - LES Musicianaries (Neighborhood players)

4pm - Fun workshop options for young and old , 4 - 104, Ballet/Modern/Improv and just some garden fun taught by some of LES best teachers! 

Sunday, June 4th live Music & Workshops

3pm - Mbira Circle - mbiraNYC - Traditional Zimbabwean Music

4pm - Native American Traditional workshops led by the Artists and Leaders of RavensWing Productions

Saturday, June 3rd Performances

5:00 PM Youth Performances

Rod Rodgers Youth Company; Infinite Movment; Lower Manhattan Arts Academy;  East Village Dance Project - EVDP Teen Company

6:30 PM Company Performances
Yoshiko Chuma and The School of Hard Knocks; Christopher Nùñez; Katharine Pettit Creative; BAIT-Lauren Kravitz ^ Shantel Prado; Rod Rogers Dance Company

Salsa Jam with Grace Baez until 8 pm - party on the stage!!!

Sunday, June 4th Performances

5:00 PM Youth Performances

East Village Dance Project Student Concert (Neighborhood Shining Stars - new choreography and some classics)

6:30 PM Company Performances
Ravenswing Production Native American Dancers; Art of Motion Dance Theatre - Lynn Needle; nAdA; Sheep Meadow Dance Theatre; BS Movement

and more...

Youth Performance Groups

Infinate Movement Infinite Movment- Shaheeda Yasmeen Creative Director & Shawan Richardson Director

Infinite Movement's mission is to enrich the lives of underserved families through arts and wellness as a means to build community, support healing, develop leadership, and inspire activism. 

INFINITE MOVEMENT values and promotes positive youth leadership, arts, and wellness. We want our members and young artists to increase awareness of their abilities, develop their inner strength, develop their talents and shine. We offer classes to expose and introduce youth to multiple art disciplines such as dance, vocal/music, and theater. We concentrate in various cultural dance genres such as West African, Liturgical, Hip Hop and Stand Battle. 


East Village Dance Company Teen Company

The EVDP Teen Company is a pre-professional, audition-based performance troupe. In its tenth year, the company offers a platform for LES teens to perform original, student generated choreography as well as repertory from guest choreographers. Through weekly rehearsals and regular performance opportunities at a wide range of venues throughout New York and beyond, company members develop skills of collaboration, refine their performance technique, and experience the joys and rigors of working closely with other creative and gifted dance artists. http://eastvillagedanceproject.com/teencompany/

Rod Rogers Youth Dance Company

Now in its 15th year, The RRDC Youth Program explores relationships between dance, music, poetry, theatre and athletics through upbeat dialogues that accompany our performances. Programs like the ones we have shared with youngsters over the years reflect a continued interest of RRDC in making Dance Theater understandable and accessible to today’s young audiences and students ages 7 to 18, who want to experience or pursue a career in dance.   https://www.rodrodgersdance.org/youth-program

East Village Dance Company Students End of Year Concert

EAST VILLAGE DANCE PROJECT (EVDP), based in New York City, was founded in 1997 as a dance development program for youth age 4-19, under the artistic direction of Martha Tornay. EVDP offers classes in modern, ballet, pointe, improvisation and beginning choreography. The program has been recognized for its innovative approach to dance education, and for offering pre-professional classes to all, regardless of social or economic situation. EVDP Students have performed at La MaMa, Pace University, NYU Skirball Center, Abrons Arts Center, Vanaver Caravan Dance Festival, with Keigwin + Company, and at Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors.  EVDP home is at 55 Avenue C Studio. EVDP creates and co produces The Shell-Shocked Nut annually with La MaMa, and partners with many other LES organizations.

Guest Solo Artist - Martha Eckl-Lindenberg

Student of Martha Tornay from youth, Ms. Eckl-Lindenberg is graduating from American Ballet Theater Dance Academy to pursue her dream to dance in Europe and to tour the world. 

Guest Choreographer EVDP - John Gutierrez

John Gutierrez is a dancer, choreographer, theater artist and performer. He is studying at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. He has a long history of dancing with Hip Hop artists from the Rok Steady Crew while formally pursuing dance training at NYU under the tutelage of many great artists. 

Performers & Companys

Yoshiko Chuma & Guests

YOSHIKO CHUMA (artistic director & choreographer of The School of Hard Knocks, USA and of Daghdha Dance Company, Ireland) was born in Osaka, Japan and has lived in the United States since 1978. Chuma has created more than 45 full-length company works, commissions and site-specific events for venues across the world, constantly challenging the notion of performing for both audience and participant.


bait, Lauren Kravitz & Shantel Prado

bait is a performance duo primarily interested in dance that makes you want to dance. Lauren Kravitz and Shantel Prado, since graduating together from NYU Tisch, have collaborated in physical performance, video, and design--usually all at once.

Photo by Emiliana Vazquez

Christopher Núñez/ Unpezverde

Christopher Núñez/ Unpezverde

Christopher Núñez is an interdisciplinary artist who has been professionally trained as a dancer, actor and visual artist. He has multiple collaborations with projects from Latin America, United States and Europe.
His project "Unpezverde" seeks to bring art to the communities and remove the artist from his sacred state while maintaining a spiritual but attainable approach for the viewer.
Uses objects, experiences and landscapes of the public space to create a stage and gallery where to show his art.
His work harmonizes links between disciplines into a coherent whole to examine fundamental topics such as gender, oppression and social identity.


Katharine Pettit Creative

Rod Rodgers Dance Company

RAVENSWING Productions

Performers & Companys

Lynn Needle/Art of Motion Dance Theatre

nAdA - Sarazina Stein, Amanda Klajbor, Anna Wotring

Billy Blanken / Sheep Meadow Dance Theatre

Shaina Branfman and Bryan Strimpel/BS Movement

RavensWing Production Traditional Performances

An Elegant Weekend outdoors and indoors

Find & Contact Us

June 3rd & 4th from 4pm - 8pm

Music, Workshops and Performances in our lovely community garden 4th street between Avenues C & D

DanceFest LES @ El Jardin del Paraiso

321 E 4th Street, NYC 10009


Hours for both June 3 & 4, 2017

3-4pm - Live Music (U can dance & sing along)

4-5pm - Dance Workshops - Open to everyone!

5-6pm - Youth performances by local groups!

6:30-8pm - Dance Companies command the stage!


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